Story number 1 for 22 Feb 2002

By February 22, 2002

(Indonesia)–In the headlines, rival Christian and Muslim factions from Indonesia’s Maluku province agreed to end their three-year war that has devastated the province and killed ten-thousand people. Government officials hope this accord will be as successful as a recent truce in Sulawesi. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner isn’t as optimistic. “The Laskar Jihad, which has been a big thorn in the flesh down there, has not recognized the peace agreement at all. In fact, despises it and ridicules it. I would doubt very much that it would abide by it. We feel that the only way to get lasting peace in Indonesia, is that the Laskar Jihad would be extracted from the effected area.” Lindner says the Gospel is going out in unlikely places. “We find that outreach is taking place among the refugee settlements. The evangelicals who are there are finding a ready way to reach a greater number; many of the Christians who have gathered together here are now finding new faith in Christ.”

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