Story number 1 for 22 Jan 2003

By January 22, 2003

(USA)–We begin today’s newscast in the United States where war with Iraq appears almost certain. One evangelical leader believes if war breaks out, it could be good for evangelism in the United States. Lee Iseley (eyez-lee) is with the American Missionary Fellowship. “If there is a sustained war in which we as Americans are involved in there would be an openness at least for us to move forward with the Gospel message. War turns peoples hearts to the Lord in a way that other situations don’t do.” While he’s praying for peace, Iseley says they are re-tooling their ministry to start “Learning Communities” around the country. “We have a growing conviction that everybody in America needs to be in a Bible study…that we would go into unreached areas of our nation, both rural and urban, and just establish pockets of Bible studies where people can come and be taught the Scriptures.” AMF is looking for 20 workers and additional funding to help in this outreach.

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