Story number 1 for 22 Jul 2002

By July 22, 2002

(Bangladesh)–We begin today in Bangladesh where Monsoon rains have soaked this predominately Muslim nation. According to reports, the floods have stranded nearly two-million people. Crops and livestock have been lost and homes destroyed. However, World Vision’s Randy Strash says they’re doing what they can to help. “We’re distributing food and various non-food items, blankets and candles and cook utensils, that sort of thing. We’re the only one responding at this stage, that we’re aware of. It looks like this is going to be a difficult year for them because the monsoon season has just begun and already they’re experiencing flooding.” Strash believes it’s important to help these people with their physical needs. “We emphasize the witness of our deeds. I think it was Augustine who said, ‘Share the Gospel at every opportunity, and if necessary use words.’ And, that’s been our approach in Bangladesh.” 26-dollars a month can help support a needy child there.

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