Story number 3 for 22 Jul 2002

By July 22, 2002

(International)–As the world moves to the cities, this massive migration of souls is creating some really great opportunities for community, but also desperate need. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is working to awaken North American College students through the Global Urban Trek. Intervarsity’s Phil Evans. “That’s really the goal, is to expose students to the realities of the urban poor and to help them see how Jesus can transform the cities of the world. We want students to catch a vision for that and to give their lives for that.” Evans says this spiritual boot camp is challenging, and asks for prayer support for the students. “They’re encountering changes in their perspective of what life is like. Comfortable lives in America don’t translate very well into ministry to the urban poor. So, pray that these students would see God at work in the urban centers and that they would have their lives changed.” This years’ Trek teams are working in Mexico City, Manila, Bangkok, Cairo, and Nairobi.

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