Story number 1 for 22 Jul 2003

By July 22, 2003

(North Korea)–Topping the news, North Korea warns they may pull out of a 1953 armistice accord. The threat of war looms over the Korean peninsula, as the U-S tries to negotiate. Trans World Radio’s Scott Hollinger agrees the atmosphere complicates outreach plans, but won’t stop them. “This is difficult. It’s taking time for us to find the right people that we can utilize to send the radios into North Korea. There are more guards stationed at the border now, the infrastructure of transportation is not good, so, it takes more time.” Hollinger explains the strained relations between the U-S and North Korean governments serve to sharpen their evangelistic mission. “Currently, we produce 11 programs that are being aired to the Korean peninsula, although, the focus of those programs really is North Korea. So, I think if anything, it just has meant that we are more focused on making sure that that ministry gets out.”

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