Story number 1 for 22 May 2002

By May 22, 2002

(East Timor)–We begin today’s newscast in East Timor as people are celebrating the birth of a new nation. However, the country, which broke away from Indonesia, is facing an up hill battle as their new nation is birthed. World Vision’s Sanjay Sojwal (sahn-jay SOHJ-wahl) explains. “There is a dark side. This is now the world’s newest country, but also one of the poorest in the world and certainly has been labeled as Asia’s poorest country. And, I think organizations like World Vision will have to invest far more in the coming years.” Soywal says difficult times often present more opportunities to share Christ. He says that why they’re working with an important group. “We have, right from the very start, done our relief distribution through the churches. And, we certainly will be working even more closely in the days ahead.” Funding is needed for building homes, rehabilitating agriculture and other infrastructure needs.

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