Story number 1 for 22 Oct 2002

By October 22, 2002

(Sudan)–Headlining today’s news, President Bush signed the Sudan Peace Act yesterday putting pressure on the Sudanese government to seek an end to the country’s civil war. World Vision’s Serge Duss says this legislation could place sanctions on Sudan if they fail to seek peace. “To oppose any international financial loans to the government of Sudan. The second would be to downgrade or suspend diplomatic relations. A third would be to deny Sudan access to oil profits. And, the fourth would be to seek UN security council support to impose an arms embargo.” Duss says this could be the key to more effective evangelistic outreach. “There’s no better way to share the Gospel by either by proclamation or deed than when there is peace in a country. So, this will be significant in terms of our being able to share the Gospel in many different ways.”

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