Story number 2 for 22 Oct 2002

By October 22, 2002

(South Africa)–Elsewhere, South Africa has more people living with HIV/AIDS than any other country. The latest report shows that the poor there carry the greatest burden of HIV/AIDS and had the least reserves to cope. After his recent visit there, Evangelist Sammy Tippit says this is where the Gospel makes its mark. “There’s a great need for identity, a moral base to come into the country at this particular time, and so we went in and tried to establish with the spiritual leadership that the church must be the institution that builds that moral and spiritual base whereby the people can have a foundation upon which to build their lives.” Tippit says prayer is an important part of the approach. “South Africa, I think, is perhaps the most strategic nation on the whole African continent. If God were to send revival to South Africa, I believe that it would affect the rest of the continent.”

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