Story number 1 for 23 Aug 2001

By August 23, 2001

(Ivory Coast)–Our newscast begins today in the Ivory Coast where the Christian and Missionary Alliance is reporting that violence in the area is increasing. The mounting tensions touched their work when missionary Amy Nehlsen was robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint by five armed men. Although shaken, she was eventually released unharmed. C&MA’s David Westlake tells us the effect of incidents like these on their outreach. “Our work continues as always. I think probably that the greatest effect that it has is just on the individual missionary. It takes a greater degree of perseverance to hang in there and continue to minister when you know that things like this are happening around you.” Westlake encourages people to pray for the missionaries working during turbulent times. “I think we need to pray that the stability that did exist in Cote d’Ivoire would return…and, that there would be a sense of law and order in the country for people to walk the streets without fear.”

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