Story number 1 for 23 Aug 2002

By August 23, 2002

(Czech Republic)–We begin today’s newscast in the Czech Republic, where unprecedented flooding is slowly beginning to recede. The worst flood in two hundred years has left damages that are estimated in the billions of dollars. Transport remains disrupted, with several subway stations still under water. HCJB’s Pavel Steiger tells us more from Prague. “Parts of town remain evacuated and sealed off because of the possibility that some more homes may collapse. The power, sewage and water supply are being evaluated. Massive cleanup effort continues. The actual damage will be assessed after the water from the stations is pumped out.” Steiger says up till now, indifference has been a main challenge to the Gospel. He asks for prayer. “We pray that hearts of Czech people will be softened for the Gospel. But, as one of our Christian friends remarked, it might take three more floods.”

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