Story number 1 for 23 Jul 2002

By July 23, 2002

(Sudan)–Topping the news, an historic peace agreement has been signed between the Sudanese Government and the rebel south. Now comes the waiting stage to see how the deal will be honored. Medical Ambassadors International’s Stan Rowland says the war crisis opened doors for the Gospel. He asks people to: “Pray that peace will come that if this peace accord has been signed, that it will be fully implemented and that the Gospel will go forth as people begin to settle back into their area, and that their lives will begin to improve.” Despite the news, Rowland says the war has drained the people of hope. However, that’s where their work comes in. “We’ve trained Sudanese pastors, refugees on the Ethiopian side, how to do our Community Health Evangelism strategy. Then, they’re going back into Sudan into their home areas to share about how people can live a healthier life, physically, spiritually and socially.”

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