Story number 2 for 23 Jul 2002

By July 23, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–We turn next to the Ivory Coast where there’s a disconcerting report from the Evangelical Baptist Mission. EBM’s David Hague. “The Ivory Coast academy experienced, just a few days ago, an attack by a group of thugs-people who targeted the Ivory Coast Academy because it is a foreign organization. One of the guards was killed, and one of the financial officers was beaten fairly severely.” Hague says none of the students were hurt, but the thieves made off with some of the academy’s property. He asks people to support the student body through this time. “We sure should be praying for those two families as well as the continued safety for all the young people and the staff at the Ivory Coast Academy. It seems things are stable, at the moment.” EBM supports the church through partnerships like the one with the Ivory Coast Academy, in order to further worldwide evangelism and discipleship.

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