Story number 5 for 23 Jul 2002

By July 23, 2002

(Ukraine)–And finally, Insight for Living is taking Bible teaching radio programming into another country. Insight For Living International’s Rolla Goodyear says they’re already producing programs in the Russian language twice a week, so they plan to air the broadcast in the Ukraine. “Trans World Radio has come to us with an offer to put it on in the Ukraine. Most of the residents there speak Russian. And, we believe it is a unique opportunity to at least begin a presence there, with the hope that some day that we might be able to actually translate it into the Ukrainian language.” Goodyear believes while the programs will target believers, many more will benefit from it. “It is more of a discipleship/teaching type message, although we have found in many countries, people will listen to all sorts of broadcasting and it becomes evangelistic.” While Trans World Radio is offering to air the broadcast without cost this year, more than 60-thousand dollars will be needed for 2003.

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