Story number 1 for 23 Mar 2000

By March 23, 2000

We begin today on the continent of Africa where the cult tragedy in Uganda has claimed hundreds of lives. Reports say new breeds of Christian religious sects are mushrooming across Africa as people disillusioned with politics seek to improve their lives. SIM International’s Ron Frazee explains why cults are considered treacherous. “The thing that makes them dangerous is that they have some bit of Christianity mixed in with their beliefs, and this sometimes draws young Christians away from the true faith.” Frazee adds that evangelistic workers need prayer support as they fight the heresy of a cult and continue their outreach. “They have to keep teaching the Bible, and as the truths of the Scripture appears into people’s minds and becomes part of their lives, then they begin to be able to judge between right and wrong, between truth and error.”

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