Story number 1 for 23 Nov 2001

By November 23, 2001

(Afghanistan)–The needy in Afghanistan tops today’s news as relief organizations are meeting the incredible demand there. Up to seven million people are in danger of starving if food aid isn’t provided. International Aid, a Christian relief and development agency, is assisting. I-A’s Jerry Dykstra. “We’re going to send $800,000 of food, clothing, blankets, hygiene kits to the refugees, most of them will be in Pakistan. And, we hope to make other contacts as the situation clarifies itself in Afghanistan. The people just desperately need our help.” Dykstra adds that they’re not doing this to only help them physically. “I think the people of Afghanistan will see that this food and medicines and blankets and so forth are being given by Christian partners working in that area. It will give them an opening to see Jesus through all this through relief efforts primarily.” Financial gifts are needed to make sure this outreach is possible.

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