Story number 2 for 23 Nov 2001

By November 23, 2001

(Sudan)–We turn next to Sudan where Former Senator John Danforth says the United States wants to be a catalyst for peace in Africa’s largest country. Danforth is the new envoy to that country that’s suffered 18 years of civil war. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung just returned from the region and says despite the war, which has killed thousands, the church is doing well. “The church is continuing to grow there. It is vibrant. Certainly there are many needs – diaconal aid needs. People who lacks some of the basic necessities in life – medical care concerns. But, spiritually speaking there seems to be a tremendous energy. The spirit of God is moving throughout Sudan and in the parts of South Sudan that we saw that certainly seems to be continuing to be a growth trend, perhaps even accelerating.” Words of Hope broadcasts radio programming into Sudan in the Nuer and Dinka languages.

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