Story number 1 for 24 Jan 2000

By January 24, 2000

Headlining today’s news the list of countries that fail to allow religious freedom
has been released. It’s called the Open Doors’ World Watch list, comprising of
countries where Christians face the most persecution. Open Doors President Terry
Madison. “Saudi Arabia has the distinction, unfavorable as it is, of being the most
repressive regime in the world for Christian faith. And, they have topped this list again
as number one for a number of years in a row.” Madison says Afghanistan is second,
followed by China, Chechnya and Sudan. 82 other countries made the list. He says
churches can use this as a prayer tool. “It’s very helpful for churches to use because
they can pray their way through the list and remember those who are in bonds for
Christ’s sake. We’re really committed to public education, particularly among the
church folk, to realize that even as we enjoy the freedom that we have, that is not what
others around the world share.”

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