Story number 1 for 24 Jan 2003

By January 24, 2003

(Central African Republic)–We begin today in the Central African Republic, where the presence of an armed rebellion, remains a destabilizing factor that raises tensions and hampers efforts to restore peace. The trouble forced at least one mission agency to evacuate. Evangelical Free Church’s Thelma Landrud. “We just had word yesterday that another one of our mission stations has been looted. The government forces were kicked out and some Chadian soldiers have taken over the town and have gone over to our mission station, which is five miles away. They’ve been in there twice and looted, but we don’t know to what extent.” Landrud made plans to return to the country today, but says that is contingent on what else happens. “That we’re asking is that people pray for peace and that these political situations can be settled so that people can carry on with their lives. It’s the local people who are the most traumatized.”

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