Story number 1 for 24 Sep 2001

By September 24, 2001

(Sudan)–Even as the United States girds itself for what some believe will be military action in light of September 11th, Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Dr. David Haag says Sudanese believers are focused on a greater mission. Haag was in Sudan for a pastor’s conference at the time of the terrorist attacks. He says although they were there to encourage pastors and church leaders, they were the ones to be encouraged. “On Wednesday morning, when we assembled, they sang one of their tribal songs which expressed sympathy, then led in prayer for President Bush and the U-S people and those families who had lost loved ones in Washington D.C. and New York.” Haag believes the ministry they experienced from the Sudanese Christians comes from years of persecution by their own government. He asks that believers to pray for the church in Sudan. “I think we need to be concerned about their spiritual wellbeing. Without question, it seems, always in the midst of a difficult context like this that God brings people to Himself, and that is happening there.”

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