Story number 1 for 25 Apr 2001

By April 25, 2001

(USA)–Topping the news, the investigation into Peru’s downing of a missionary plane last Friday continues. Meanwhile, the two killed in that incident, 35-year old Veronica Bowers and her infant daughter, Charity, will be memorialized at their home church this Friday in Michigan. Calvary Church’s pastor of missions outreach, Reverend Terry Fulk believes that through the tragedy, the vision for missions has sharpened. “We will continue to send men and women around the world with the Gospel. We may die for His sake on a foreign field from any number of causes, and that’s understandable. We don’t eagerly anticipate that, but we also at the same time know that it’s a very real possibility.” Fulk asks people to pray, adding that, in time, Jim Bowers and his son will continue their work in Peru. “That’s home for Jim, and I fully anticipate that he will return there. But, it’s a sad time. We weep, we ache because of the death of Roni and the baby.”

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