Story number 2 for 25 Apr 2001

By April 25, 2001

(Ghana)–Next, evangelical ministries will be key in helping Africa out of poverty and a growing health crisis. That’s the word from International Aid’s Faye Kragt (kraht). She says the United Nations and the World Health Organization can’t handle the problems on their own. “It’s only if we work together. The health care dollars in many third world countries are very scarce and because of the life threatening illnesses, most of their health dollars are used up by those needs.” Kragt says Christian ministries are aware of the financial problems. She says International Aid is helping with their Christian Eye Clinic in Ghana. U-S Congressman Peter Hoekstra just visited their Center recently and was impressed with their work. “They’re doing surgery. They’re providing glasses, and they’re doing it at a rate that helps people see at a number of different levels – to see Jesus through the missionary work and through other projects.”

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