Story number 1 for 25 Aug 2003

By August 25, 2003

(Liberia)–Our newscast begins today in Liberia where World Vision moved to replace 30 tons of relief supplies lost last week in a shipwreck. Items were pulled from a warehouse in Germany and airlifted over the weekend into Monrovia. World Vision’s Kevin Cook says distribution is the next step. “We’re undertaking assessments this week along with work we’re undertaking, already. Most of the work that’s happening right now, here, is in the area of health and food distributions. As these are non-food items, we’re making an assessment of various IDP centers to determine where these goods are going to do the most good.” Cooks says through this effort, the Gospel speaks. “By extending a helping hand in this way, to people who are incredibly disadvantaged, we try to make the message of Christ known to them through our actions.” World Vision has been helping to care for thousands of displaced people at the Samuel K Doe sports stadium in Monrovia.

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