Story number 2 for 25 Aug 2003

By August 25, 2003

(Indonesia)–We turn next to Indonesia, where more warnings of terrorist acts are surfacing. Varied reports indicate a nervous tension rippling through the Christian community, as they have been targeted before. Yet, Back To The Bible’s Gregory Bacon explains that while the persecution takes place in isolated pockets, believers persevere. He shares a story that exemplifies this attitude. “I was introduced to a pastor who showed me some land that he and his congregation had purchased to build a church. Unfortunately, the community has refused to allow them to build a church building. What they’ve done is they dump all their garbage onto the land.” Bacon says while the community protested the Christians presence, the church found another way to continue outreach. “What they have allowed is for this church to erect a tent in the street and they worship in that tent and have to take it down after the service.”

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