Story number 1 for 25 Jan 2001

By January 25, 2001

(Indonesia)–Our newscast begins today in Indonesia, where New Tribes Mission says a series of bombs have exploded in Sulawesi’s capitol. Beyond that, there is concern that Muslim-Christian violence will break out. New Tribes’ Guy Sier gives us this situation update. “Because of those tensions, we were forced to pull our people out of the tribal regions, and maintain only a very small element in the city of Palu, itself. Recently, in some neighboring towns, violence has erupted, and that has caused refugees to come to Palu.” Sier says their workers have not yet gone back to the tribal villages, adding that: “Muslims have declared a jihad against the Christian church. The Indonesian church is under tremendous oppression from these Muslim elements. So there is a very real need for prayer for the Indonesian church and for real wisdom among the missionary community.”

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