Story number 1 for 25 May 2001

By May 25, 2001

(Mongolia)–Topping the news, Mongolia’s re-elected president is reinforcing his commitment to economic reform. Harsh winters and the collapse of the Soviet Union have created tremendous needs among the people. The election has sparked a rise in nationalism, which could be problematic for the Evangelical Baptist Mission. EBM’s David Haag. “It may be more difficult for them to accept the sharing of leadership from people outside of their country, and being willing to engage in a ministry with missionaries or mission agencies, as opposed to a totally Mongolian church.” Haag says they’re looking at a possible project launch by fall. However: “You’ve got to offer something that’s going to help the people, and we’re not talking about spiritual help. We’re talking about material help, something that’s going to help them socially, economically. So, the Gospel coming to Mongolia is joined with that material requirement imposed by the government.”

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