Story number 1 for 25 Nov 2002

By November 25, 2002

(Ukraine)–We begin today in the Ukraine where political and economic turmoil came to a head two weeks ago when the President sacked the entire Cabinet. Even as the dust settles from the shake-up, the people remain uncertain. This is where evangelist Sammy Tippit’s recent pastor conferences touched the local church body. “What is happening in these tough times is it’s bringing a lot of these guys back to this place where they see that they need God…[that] they desperately need God; that they can’t do it in their own power, in their own strength, with their own resources. So, it has thrown them back into that place of dependence upon the Lord.” Tippit says even more exciting is the potential for more opportunity for local ministry. “They are taking my evangelistic meetings, and they’re going to the villages and communities where we can’t go to, to reach those people with the Gospel. We have made an agreement with the Baptist and evangelical seminary in Kiev make this a part of their curriculum.”

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