Story number 2 for 25 Nov 2002

By November 25, 2002

(Middle East)–Next, while Ramadan continues for Muslims around the world, many Christians believe evangelism can flourish. Operational Mobilization’s John Mark works in the Islamic world and explains why Ramadan can be good for the spread of the Gospel. “Muslims are sincerely seeking God and seeking to please God. I think it’s a great opportunity for Christians around the world, even in the United States today, it’s a great opportunity to get this chance to speak to them about our faith. I think it is the most open time for them to really listen to you.” Mark says Christians have many needs. “We need to see more people praying for us, supporting the work we’re doing. We need to see more people coming to that part of the world. The picture may be a bit dark because of what’s happening. I believe many of the Muslims are waiting to hear the Good News.”

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