Story number 1 for 25 Oct 2000

By October 25, 2000

We begin today in Haiti where postponement of presidential elections, increasing violence and lack of imports is making living difficult at best. For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart says with the recent killing of three French nationals, missionaries are fearful, making their work difficult. “There’s more fear than there’s outward witness. A lot of the fear is compounded by – people are hungry. Importers have stopped importing. So, food is becoming more and more scarce. When they get hungry enough they’re going to start stealing.” DeHart says providing food opens doors to share the Gospel and the church can help. “$10.50 would feed a person for 30-days. $1,000 will buy 7,000 meals. If a church wanted to sponsor a pallet of food $2,500 would buy that pallet and put it in place in Haiti ready to serve.”

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