Story number 1 for 26 Apr 2002

By April 26, 2002

(Philippines)–We begin today in the Philippines, debunking another story regarding the supposed release of New Tribes Missionaries, Martin and Gracia Burnham. The deal was reportedly negotiated by the Burnhams’ family in the United States. New Tribes Missions’ Scott Ross. “We were really not involved in any deal. We weren’t consulted about that particular agreement, they acted independent of New Tribes Mission. We’re just reiterating and maintaining our policy of a no-ransom position.” However, Martin’s father, Paul, now says the rebels have reneged on their end of the deal. Ross says prayer is even more necessary. “The primary concern would be continually the safe release of Martin and Gracia, and we’ll be asking Christians around the world to continue to pray, that no matter what is going on that they would see a safe release. Be praying for the Burnhams, and the decisions they need to make, are making, and feel they need to make.”

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