Story number 1 for 26 Dec 2001

By December 26, 2001

(Congo)–Topping the news, despite stepped-up border controls, an outbreak of the Ebola virus has spread from Gabon to neighboring Republic of Congo. Authorities on both sides of the border fear the disease is likely to spread and restricted movement between the two central African nations. That’s causing concern for Grace Ministries International. GMI’s Sam Vinton. “Up to now, the Ebola crisis that we’ve had in the Congo has been sort of in isolated areas of the interior. But, the fact that could cross over into a city, that could create real problems. So, I think that this is something that we need to observe very carefully, and of course, to pray, because it would effect a lot of the ministries.” Vinton says the Christians in the area are trying to help in any way they can. “I think it has caused the churches to become more concerned, involved in prayer for their country, and I think we need to pray that the Spirit, and an attitude of prayer, would increase just for the sake of the spiritual warmth of the church.”

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