Story number 2 for 26 Dec 2001

By December 26, 2001

(India)–Elsewhere, the effect of the masses of India’s untouchables renouncing Hinduism last month is still sending shock waves. Bibles For The World says while there weren’t mass conversions to Christianity on November 4th, a fire was lit in the form of awakening. Bibles For the World’s John Pudaite believes that’s the first step. “What was created through this event, was an awareness; a huge amount of awareness was created in the Dalits’ own minds. Even the fact that they do have a choice what religion to follow, prior to this, that thought never even entered their minds.” The big surprise came in the days after the renunciation. Pudaite says they need help. “We had never anticipated the level of interest and the amount of requests that would come through. This is something that is totally unbudgeted for the coming year, and it’s something that we’re just looking to God to provide the resources so we can continue to meet all of these requests that we’re facing.”

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