Story number 3 for 26 Dec 2001

By December 26, 2001

(USA)–We focus on America next as we begin a series of reports on revival. What is revival? Life Action Revival Ministries Steve Canfield says it’s not just evangelism and seeing people come to Christ. “Evangelism and revival are vastly different because revival is for those that are genuinely a part of the family of God. You have to life before you can have new life. The revival that needs to touch the church today needs to start with a hunger for God.” Canfield says many churches in the U-S crave an ‘experience’, not God. While Revivalist Tim St. Clair says while September 11th brought on a stronger ‘God consciousness’, it didn’t bring revival. “We seem to be responding to the strength of America rather than realizing a desperation, which to me is a forerunner to any move of God in revival is there is that there is created a desperation in the hearts of people that says ‘we can not go on.'” We’ll have more on revival tomorrow.

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