Story number 1 for 26 Feb 2001

By February 26, 2001

(Israel)–Our newscast begins today in the Middle East where Israel’s two main political groups are working to forge a broad alliance ahead of a deadline this week in order to tackle Middle East peace. The Christian Broadcasting Network has been following the issues closely, with an eye cast toward the future of peace. CBN’s Michael Patrick. “The majority of Israelis voted for Sharon because they believed he was the strongest person who could perhaps stop the headlong run towards war. I think that we will see over the next couple of months Sharon begin to take some actions to bring some security and some accountability into the process.” Patrick says through the conflict, there is much healing from the Gospel. He adds that fuels their ministry to the area. “I believe it is the mission of the church and the mission of Christians who will be ministering in this land, ministering to hurting people on both sides of the conflict, that will be like cool water to thirsty people.”

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