Story number 2 for 26 Feb 2001

By February 26, 2001

(Israel)–We continue our report on the Middle East, with a look at how the tense situation is affecting the Jewish population elsewhere. Jews for Jesus’ David Brickner says that because of the trouble in the Middle East, Jewish communities around the world may be having more questions than answers. Brickner adds that’s why they embarked on a new work. “We have just launched something called “Operation Behold Your God”, which is a plan to have an evangelistic outreach and follow up in 61 cities around the world; every city around the world with a Jewish population of 25-thousand or more. Many of them have never had a significant effort in preaching the Gospel there to the Jewish people.” Brickner is issuing a call for help. “We believe that we can partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ, many of whom have Jewish friends, and who have a heart for the Jewish people, a love for Israel; we want to help our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ to know how to share their faith, not just with Jewish people, but with all people.”

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