Story number 1 for 26 Jan 2000

By January 26, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in the Democratic Republic of Congo where fighting
continues, despite the signing of a peace treaty. Sam Vinton is with Grace
Ministries International. He says their work is continuing. “We have received a
number of letters now from some of our pastors. Schools are reopened and a number
of places where we work – medical work – especially in Kipaka, in the Muslim area,
surgeries are again being performed and things are going well there. There seems to be
a civil kind of government controlling things.” However fighting just 125 miles away is
causing African leaders to ask for U-N help in ending the violence. While the fighting
continues, Vinton says many are open to the Gospel. “We’re hearing good reports as
far as the ministry going on in the churches. Responsiveness for the Gospel is there.
That, we are hearing continually and people are still believing in the Lord and going on
with their lives spiritually even though they’re suffering spiritually.”

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