Story number 1 for 26 Mar 2001

By March 26, 2001

(Macedonia)–Ethnic Albanian tensions headline today’s news, this time in Macedonia. That’s the word from Send International’s Eric Palmquist. According to Palmquist, ethnic Albanian guerrillas from Kosovo are coming across the border, causing the violence. Palmquist describes the emotions of their team. “Everybody’s pretty calm right now, but our team’s ready – they’ve got an evacuation plan ready to leave. And, what they’ll probably do is go to the other end of the country if fighting breaks out. Our team’s concerned, but they’re being calm. But, our Macedonian friends are real fearful that war is going to break out.” Which could mean another Kosovo crisis. However, Palmquist is hoping the situation will lead to many coming to Christ. “We have a Macedonia church planting team and we have another church planting team that’s working with Albanians. And, there’s believers in both groups and both of them fellowship together. So, we’re trusting that Macedonians can look at that and see that, in Christ, we’re all in need of Salvation. We’re hoping that this could be a platform to share Christ.”

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