Story number 1 for 26 Mar 2002

By March 26, 2002

(India)–We begin today’s newscast in India, where severe drought is causing death not only due to lack of food, but also for religious reasons. Mission India’s John DeVries says their workers are hearing incredible stories as they reach out to the poorest of the poor during this desperate time. “One of the workers came in and said he had interviewed a village chief and the village chief said, why didn’t you come two weeks ago? The witch doctor had convinced him to offer three children in child sacrifice and the rains would come. He said he had kidnapped two kids from a neighboring village and killed them, but he couldn’t get a third one so he sacrificed his own son.” DeVries says these trying times are providing ministry opportunities for Mission India. “People are getting more and more disgusted with their miserable lot in life and this is all just opening up their hearts to receive the Gospel as they’ve never been open before.” That interest means an added strain on their finances.

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