Story number 1 for 26 Oct 2000

By October 26, 2000

We begin today looking at heightened tensions in the Middle East. The United States says its forces in the Gulf have been put on high alert because of threats to American soldiers and citizens in the region. Arab World Ministries‘ E.J. Gibson says although there is danger, they’re looking at their evangelistic outreach this way:”Regardless of our own personal political and theological convictions concerning Israel, Palestine and the Arab world, we need to remember that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ transcends these differences. God has called the church to be ministers of reconciliation to both Arab and Jew.” Gibson adds that the peace of Christ is getting through, in spite of the turmoil. “We’re getting reports back, in these times, that there are people that are more open to the Gospel; as in times of crisis, [it] create[s] that sense of insecurity and uncertainty.”

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