Story number 1 for 26 Sep 2002

By September 26, 2002

(Pakistan)–We begin today’s news in Pakistan where gunmen executed seven Christians Wednesday in Karachi. This is the latest in a string of incidents and threats that have been building since Pakistan joined the anti-terrorism war. Voice of the Martyrs’ Gary Lane. “This is really not a surprise to us. Talking to the many Christians we work with in Pakistan, they have told us we need to brace ourselves; we’re going to have more attacks. We just need to pray for God’s protection on our brothers and sisters there. It’s terrible and a lot of this is happening because they support the United States. They love democracy and they love the Lord.” Lane says in spite of the danger believers face, the church continues to grow, but they need support. “We continue to support the church there. We continue to take in Bibles, support pastors and do other work, we have a correspondence school, we have training and educational programs there, so it has not deterred us from doing the work that God has called us to do, but we are very concerned for our Christian brothers and sisters who are constantly under attack.”

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