Story number 1 for 27 Aug 2001

By August 27, 2001

(Israel)–We begin today in Israel where continued violence is wreaking havoc on ministry in that region. World Vision’s Tom Getman says they’re providing humanitarian assistance in Palestinian areas where the average person makes nearly one-thousand dollars a year. Getman says the violence has made work difficult. “These villages have been sealed, they’ve been under siege and there has been sort of rules of engagement from the Israeli soldiers so that if somebody tries to go to work and they appear to be the least bit threatening those people can be shot. Our director used to be able to drive to the office in 20 minutes. It now take two and a half to three hours.” However, Getman says the Gospel is being well received. “I think it’s because they’re under such terrible duress, but I have never been in a place in the world where people are so responsive. You know, it’s against the law to preach the Gospel in Israel, but it’s not against the law in Palestine. Some of my Muslim friends have become brilliant followers of Jesus.”

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