Story number 1 for 27 Mar 2000

By March 27, 2000

Topping today’s news, President Clinton’s visit to India wrapped up with more talks and a visit through Pakistan. But the apparent anti-American sentiment rampant in the countries may hurt evangelistic outreach. One indigenous mission group is watching how the events will effect them. For security purposes, we’ve kept the group nameless and changed the name of our source to Jim. “Certainly, anti-colonialism is involved, but also, the BJP Party wants to make Hinduism the national religion there. Consequently, those that are tied with the West and with Christianity (is how they look at it) they very much then, are against them.” Jim says the request for prayer is more than a cliché. “For the missionaries, prayer is an absolute reality. The spiritual battles are very, very strong. Quite a few of the Indian Christians have been hurt by Hindu militants. For several months, we were very, very low key on any outreaches that would be considered evangelistic. We’re just a little more careful in how we do it.”

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