Story number 2 for 27 Mar 2000

By March 27, 2000

Meanwhile, malaria is at epidemic proportions in Mozambique as the flooding continues in that African country. That’s the word from International Aid’s Sonny Enriquez who just returned from a fact-finding mission there. Enriquez says the situation isn’t getting any better. “Before I left the number of people in the relief camps were about 300,000 plus. Today, the report is that is has gone up to 400,000. There’s a major, major threat of malaria epidemic. The kind of malaria that they have in the country is deadly. Once you have it, within 10 days, you’re dead.” Enriquez says the evangelical church is involved. “We are partnering right now with an association of evangelical churches in Mozambique. I am very encouraged by what I’ve seen as far as their active involvement in all aspects of relief work.” Because of that many are coming to Christ.

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