Story number 1 for 27 Mar 2002

By March 27, 2002

(Afghanistan) — More devastation in Afghanistan tops today’s news. According to reports a magnitude six earthquake struck an area 90-miles north of Kabul. World Concern‘s Kelly Miller says they work near the area. I asked him if any of their workers were injured. “Not that we know of at this point. And, that’s very, very good news. Some of the aid agencies that we coordinate with I know have had significant damage. One French agency that we work with in the northeast, their office was completely destroyed.” International Aid‘s Sonny Enriquez says hundreds are feared dead. He says this is just another blow to people already struggling. “They’re hurting from the war, their hurting from the drought and now another major blow. I just don’t know how the people are surviving. And yet, we trust that the Lord is His providence is in control and has a broader plan and purpose for the people.” World Concern and International Aid are raising money for food, blankets and temporary shelter. Call our resource line at 1-800-995-4828 to help.

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