Story number 1 for 28 Jan 2000

By January 28, 2000

We begin today in Mozambique where a missionary was gunned down in his
attempt to save his family. Martin Brooks with Good News for Africa says the
attack took place last week at their training facility there. He says four armed robbers
made their way past security and broke into two homes…including that of Cecil Bird.
“The robbers kicked in the back door. He grabbed a baseball bat. They shot into the
room. They didn’t hit him at that stage. He ran through the house to get the front door
open to get his family out. They followed Cecil out the front door and shot him twice.”
Bird died at the scene. Brooks says most of the suspects have been identified. He
reminds us that prayer for missionaries is vital. “You never know. The Lord is using it
for good. I would ask that the people would pray for his students that are coming to
study. For the students that Cecil has touched since he entered the country in 1993,
that the Lord’s kingdom would be advanced.”

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