Story number 1 for 28 Jul 2000

By July 28, 2000

We begin today’s newscast with a report that authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam recently destroyed a church hours before believers would gather for services. This is nothing new, because Christians have always been faced with persecution. Voice of the Martyrs’ Tom White says the truth of the Gospel has won out. “The first 15-20 years after the war, the Communists used the excuse that Christianity is a Western religion, and this is an American thing. The past ten years, there’s been such an incredible growth of the church in Vietnam, and, the government is terrified by this. The Christians now outnumber the Communist party in Vietnam.” White says believers need support. “Pray for courage for Christians. Pray that God would encourage them as they share the Gospel. Pray that God would give them courage as they go out and evangelize. He may not stop the persecution, but to make them strong in the midst of their difficulties.”

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