Story number 2 for 28 Jul 2000

By July 28, 2000

Meanwhile, increasing violence against Christians in India doesn’t appear to be affecting the growth of the church there. Gospel Revival Ministries’ John Musser says a miracle occurred at a church they sponsor in Madras. He says a fire started in a village. “This fire was raging, like a tornado, like a freight train. People were crying out to all the different gods. This little Hindu woman, she was not saved at that time, cried out, ‘In the name of the God of daddy, I command this fire to stop.’ Almost like there was an invisible wall, it did not go further and it eventually just burnt out.” Many of the village came to Christ. He says now they’re sending missionaries. “They’re reaching into 100 other villages and they’re already penetrated in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, and we have started translation offices that is translating into five different dialects.” The goal now is to plant a church in every state in India.

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