Story number 3 for 28 Jul 2000

By July 28, 2000

Cuba’s ruling Communist Party says the U.S. trade embargo is one of the largest in Fidel Castro’s 41-year rule. The issue has created a hostility against Americans, which has been somewhat challenging for missions circles. Book of Hope’s John Young. “There’s always a potential for problems, but God has just been so faithful in giving us favor, because our heart is to reach the children and the youth there. The government has understood that-we’re not political.” Young adds that the doors are open, but asks that people support their work. “We sent down 1.5 million books to Cuba to be distributed through the churches, and the response was so good that they’ve asked for 300-thousand more books. We’re not able to go into the schools there, but we are able to affect the communities and the kids. We need to continue to pray for the churches in Cuba and for the decisions that are being made in the Cuban government and that God would continue to open that door.”

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