Story number 1 for 28 Oct 2002

By October 28, 2002

(Nepal)–We begin today’s newscast in Nepal where Maoist violence is causing problems for evangelism. The rebels want to overthrow the constitutional monarchy in the world’s only Hindu kingdom, resulting in an eruption of violence. International Needs Network’s Nicanor Tamang says that complicates their work. “It has been very difficult for us to openly go out especially out in the villages and towns to preach to the people in other areas. Traveling has become a very hazardous thing within the country. And, that has also caused a lot of problems for us as far as evangelism is concerned.” Tamang says evangelists are viewed as spies, so trust takes time to develop. He says prayer is essential. “We need to pray for the stable government in Nepal. For that, we need to pray for the king of Nepal, the royal family, the military, the police, the whole administration, and the political parties there. Once we have the stability, I believe, it will be easy for us to move from place to place sharing the Gospel.”

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