Story number 1 for 28 Sep 2001

By September 28, 2001

Indonesia tops the headlines today. Violent rallies outside the US Embassy in Jakarta are indicative of a building anti-US sentiment there. The head of the biggest Muslim group has warned that a war between Islam and Christianity could erupt soon in light of the current tensions. AMG International‘s Paul Jenks echoes that thought, with growing apprehension. “We’re concerned that if and when the U-S military does make some response to the recent attacks, that the fanatics in Indonesia will make things difficult for Americans travelling there and visiting the country.” Jenks says it’s too early to tell what might happen to their various evangelistic ministries, but: “We’re certainly asking for prayer for our workers and for the Christians there in general. The Lord is at work in the world today and really wants us to be focused on what He has left us here to do, and that is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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