Story number 1 for 29 Jul 2002

By July 29, 2002

(Africa)–Topping the news, there are more desperate appeals aimed at easing the impact of a severe food shortage in Southern Africa. Roughly 14 million people in the region face hunger due to drought, war and controversial government policies. Operation Blessing’s Dick Kohl says they’re sending several containers of relief supplies. “It has been building over time. The people aren’t coming off, like we would say biblically, ‘fat’ years, they’re coming off a series of ‘lean’ years. The people aren’t prepared to handle another lean year, so we have great difficulty.” Kohl says their involvement helps missionaries already in place to further the Gospel. “Operation Blessing is partnering with an organization up in Minneapolis, Minnesota called ‘Feed My Starving Children’. We, together, are providing and manufacturing the product, and are shipping it to a third Christian organization that is actually doing the distribution. This is an example of how the Christian community needs to come together and combine resources.”

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